Sucker Punch Life Reviews

Erik Olsen
Head of Design
May 16, 2024

Ron Mileti is an incredible life and business coach who helped me rediscover my passion for my career. When I first reached out to Ron, I was feeling stuck and unsure about my future direction. But through our conversations, he helped me recognize the value of my experience and skills and gave me the confidence to pivot into a management role as a design leader.
What I appreciate most about Ron is how he draws from his own diverse background as a creative professional, business owner, and entrepreneur to provide practical, insightful guidance. He has a genuine passion for helping people grow and succeed, and his excitement for my progress made our coaching sessions feel more like catching up with an old friend.
If you’re looking for a coach who can help you unlock your potential and achieve your goals, I wholeheartedly recommend Ron Mileti. His expertise, dedication, and authentic approach to coaching have been transformative for me, and I know he can make a real difference in your life and career too.

Shintasha Simpson, CPA, MBA
Certified Public Accountant
April 30, 2024

Ron was my life coach. He played an instrumental role in helping me to break free of some limiting beliefs and provided methods that helped me to reach my goals. Ron’s coaching has helped me to remove barriers that I had struggled with for many years. I am forever grateful for the techniques he taught me and continue to use them as I advance and succeed in my life.

Kelley Bertoli
Director of Digital Strategy
April 29th, 2024

I had the privilege of working with Ron as my performance coach during a crucial phase of my professional journey. His approach to coaching helped me transcend some of my fears and perceive challenges through a new lens. With Ron’s guidance, I not only developed a resilient mindset that continues to propel me forward, but I also gained clarity on what I truly wanted to pursue and initiated the process of crafting my business plan. I will forever be grateful for Ron’s expertise and support during a very transformative period of life.

Andrea Anderson
Consultant / Coach
April 28, 2024

It was an adventure being coached by Ron and experiencing his profound wisdom in the vast field of human behaviour. His loving, yet focused approach in coaching enabled me to achieve my personal growth and success beyond my wildest dreams. I had to overcome several serious challenges, which needed the attention of a professional, experienced coach like Ron. He was very attentive, patient and always came up with a strategy or solution. He is not only a coach, but he has become an invaluable friend of mine, who offers a listening ear at any time. His commitment to excellence has truly set a high standard.

Beau Barkley
Emmy Award Winning Video Producer
April 27, 2024

Ron was my life/business coach for 2 years. He helped me work through the largest business/life transition I have ever had. His guidance was a massive contributor in my break through to the other side. I didn’t have a lot of money at the time, but I decided to take the leap and don’t regret it one tiny bit. My income jumped drastically after the transition so…It was worth every penny;). Thanks Ron!!

L. Lowry Fenton
Community Volunteer and Finance
April 27, 2024

Ron helped me plan my next stage of life “Refirement” with consistent and fun coaching …. ideas like brainstorming 50 post retirement initiatives. I’m now connecting, impacting and having fun with my community.

Dr. Pierre Mark Eade (LION)
Founding Pastor & Real Estate Agent and Investor
April 26, 2024

Ron was my coach during a season of transition. I changed jobs and also started a church from scratch. Ron was able to help me navigate both of these worlds and successfully launch my ministry. It is now over 2 years old. If it weren’t for Ron’s understanding of what it takes to help others set and achieve goals, I don’t think would be where I am today. Ron has a keen insight into what’s really going on, helps people identify the mental blockages that keep them from moving forward and has a way of friendly and often humorous way of goading you along and helping you take the next steps in the right direction. I would highly recommend his services.

Greg Schnarr
Co-Owner at The Truck Shop Strathroy Ltd.
April 25, 2024

I confidently recommend Ron Mileti as a business coach. His expertise has been pivotal in structuring my business growth plan, refining SOPs, and navigating acquisition opportunities. With Ron’s guidance, I’m currently in the process of completing my first acquisition, with another opportunity on the horizon. His personalized approach and strategic insights have been instrumental in my journey as an entrepreneur. Don’t wait, connect with Ron, take action and push your business to new levels!

Christina Hecht
Director, SEO at Assembly Global
August 3, 2009

Ron and his team at Vilocity have been long-term assets to our company. Individually, Ron brings confidence, expertise and thoughtfulness to all brainstorming, execution and negotiation sessions. He is fair and consistent, which helps me as a client know exactly what to expect and removes all communication barriers.